Documentation / Permissions

Required Bot Permissions

The EasyPoll bot needs a few permissions to work completely and without problems.
In the normal case, all required permissions are automatically assigned to the EasyPoll role when the bot is invited.
In some cases, the inviter removes some required permissions, which causes the bot to stop working properly.

Required permissions

Permissions Required For what?
Read Messages To read command and poll messages
Send Messages To send polls and help messages
Manage Messages To manage poll reactions
Embed Links To send and update poll message embeds
Read message History To receive old polls and to be able to close them
Add Reactions To initialize the possible answer reactions
Use External Emojis To use custom emojis, even from other servers

How do I check if the bot has all permissions?

We have added a command that allows you to check all the required permissions of the bot at both server and channel level.
The command for this is /setup permissions.


What happens if the bot does not have all required permissions?

EasyPoll will try to work as good as possible. However, there will be errors, for example:

  • Polls will not update with the result when closed and will not show as closed, or
  • EasyPoll will not add the necessary reactions to the poll, or
  • EasyPoll cannot check for multiple answers and remove the reaction from the user if needed, or
  • EasyPoll will not display any poll message at all