EasyPoll Discord Bot

With EasyPoll, a Discord Poll Bot, you can easily create polls and your
members can vote by clicking on a reaction very easily and quickly.

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The most popular Poll Bot on Discord!

With EasyPoll you can easily create polls on your Discord server.

As easy as possible

We focus on simplicity. EasyPoll uses self-explanatory SlashCommands with auto-complete function. Our Wiki and FAQ helps with most problems fast and understandable.

Time Polls

Create polls with time limit, after an individually specified time the poll closes automatically and displays the final result. No further votes can be placed.

Anonymous Polls

Create anonymous polls, no one can see which user voted for which option. At the end of the poll only the result of the poll is visible for everyone.

Dashboard (Soon)

Our dashboard provides a better and easy overview of polls. Also the bot can be managed via the web interface.

Full Customization (Soon)

With premium you can customize almost everything on the bot. Easily customize via web interface.

Multilingual Bot

The bot is available in many different languages. Currently the bot supports 13 different languages.


Our team will help you quickly with questions and problems on our support discord. Servers with the premium plan enjoy exclusive premium support.

Free to use

EasyPoll can be used to its full extent free of charge. For increased limits and advanced features, we offer an affordable premium plan to continue bot development.

24/7 Online

We try our best to keep the bot available 24/7 for you. Our team is supported by our monitoring all around the clock. Current status information can always be found on our status page.

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Create a poll with time limit and other options

Simply create a poll via SlashCommand and ask the community for their opinion.
Polls can be set with time and vote limits. Anonymous polls and role limits are also possible.

command preview
App: Poll Details

Overview of everything with poll details

With our poll overview you get all the necessary information about a poll. Poll id, status, creator, settings, question, answers, result and much more summarized for you.

command preview
App: Close this poll

Close a polls and announce final result

With the ClosePoll command or per app action you can close any poll, no matter if it still has time left. After closing, no further votes are accepted and the final result is displayed.

command preview
/setup language
/setup permissions

Simple configuration via setup command

Our setup commands make it easy for you to set up the bot. First, you can choose one of multiple languages for the bot. With the permission setup command you can check in each channel if the bot has all the necessary permissions to create working polls.

Created Polls

What other server owners say

Really easy to use and the wiki explains pretty much everything! Took no more than 15 min to really get the hang of everything, even custom emoji's which work like a charm!

Afro's Avatar

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I love the functionality! Super easy to use and is the only bot that I've seen where you can customize the reaction emojis. Highly recommend!


via top.gg

A really nice Discord bot, easy to use and no payment required. There is also good support at all times


via top.gg

Easy and understandable bot if you want a easy poll bot. <3

AdriDoesThings's Avatar

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